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Visual Studio Project Cleaner Help

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Directory Filters

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The settings dialog allows you to edit the types of file that will be cleaned by Visual Studio Project Cleaner.





Directory Filters


Directory filters are specified by specifying the directories to filter and choosing the filter action to apply.




Directories are specified by adding directories to the list of directories, editing them if necessary, and by removing unwanted directories when required.


Add Dir... instructionStep choose a directory using the Microsoft directory browser

Remove instructionStep remove the selected directory from the list

Remove All instructionStep remove all directories from the list


An existing directory entry can be edited by double clicking it to start editing.

An existing directory entry can be removed by selecting it then pressing the delete key.


Filter directory specifications can include a * wildcard (as many times as you need a wildcard). To add the wildcard you'll need to edit the entry by double clicking it.


Filter Action


The filter action allows you to change filter behaviour without needing to edit the list of filter directories.


Clean all directories instructionStep clean all directories, ignore the filter directories

Clean only the directories that match the filters instructionStep clean directories that match the filter directories

Don't clean the directories that match the filters instructionStep clean directories that don't match the filter directories


Reset All - Resets all global settings, not just those on the current page.


Reset - Resets the settings on this page