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Thread Validator Help

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Notation used in this help

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instructionStep Instruction instructionStep steps

menu_sm Menu action instructionStep steps


Throughout the help you'll find instruction steps like this:


Filter... instructionStep shows the session comparison private filters dialog



menu Settings Menu instructionStep Edit Settings... instructionStep Data Collection in the list instructionStep Trace Hooks


This is a shorthand notation for performing consecutive steps in the user interface.


The first example indicates that the action of clicking the Filter...  will result in showing the dialog described.


The second example directs you to open the Settings menu (from the menu bar in this case), and then choose the Settings item, and in the dialog that appears, open the Data Collection option via the list and select the Trace Hooks child entry.



right_mouse_buttonRight mouse button menu


Where you see this mouse menu the instruction is to use the right mouse button menu (a.k.a. popup menu or context menu) and select the menu option that follows this symbol.


For example: useright_mouse_buttonEdit Source Code...



interactive Interactive images

Shown next to a picture, the hand symbolinteractive indicates the image is interactive and can be clicked on in order to jump directly to the help section most relevant to the part of the image under the cursor.



externalLink External Links


You may see this symbol externalLink after some links. Those links lead to an external website (shown in your default browser), as opposed to jumping to another section in the help. Naturally, if you have no internet access, these links will be unavailable.


For example: Software Verifiy LimitedexternalLink



note Notes

warningnote Warning notes

Notes pertaining to the current topic are indicated by the note symbol. Notes may include exceptions to a rule, items to watch out for, or other asides to the main topic.


Notes that act as warnings will use the similar warningnote symbol, for example where there's a danger of crashing your application. Don't panic though - there aren't many of these!



seeAlsoSee also


Where there are other pages in the help that have more detail on the topic at hand, or if there is additional reading that is not already linked within the content, you will find these sections linked after the seeAlsosymbol.