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Building the example applications

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Where to find the example applications


The example projects are in the examples sub-directory of the Thread Validator installation directory.


If the directory is not present, reinstall your software and choose custom or full installation to include the examples.


note To avoid permission issues creating some of the output files, you may need to copy the project out of the Program Files folder, if that's where it's installed.



Solutions and projects


For modern Visual Studio use examples.sln to build all the examples. Some may not build on the first pass because a dependency hasn't yet been built. Two or three builds should resolve that.


examples.sln instructionStep for Microsoft® Visual Studio / .net

If you're using Visual Studio 6, build nativeExample.dsp and the dependent projects in dllADependentOnB.dsp, dllBDependentOnC.dsp, dllC.dsp.





There are only two configurations in each project:


Debug Non Link / Release Non Link instructionStep with the wWinMainCRTStartup unicode entry point  


Using Visual Studio Express?


You might find you can't build the example application with Express versions of Visual Studio because it doesn't provide all the necessary libraries.

If that's the case, try searching for the missing libraries in one of the freely available Windows SDKsexternalLink from the Microsoft website.


note If you use Visual Studio Express to build your own application, Thread Validator will still work with it just fine.