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Performance Validator Help

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The C# API is a wrapper around the native API.


For all of these APIs see the native API for more details.



Adding the API to your application


The C# API is provided as a source code svlPVAPI.cs file that you add to your application. The source file is in the API directory in the Performance Validator install directory.


The C# API does not add any dependencies to your application - if Performance Validator is present the API functions work, if Performance Validator is not present the API functions do nothing.



The C# API


The C# API is implemented by the PerformanceValidator class in the SoftwareVerify namespace.





Turn data collection on.

public static void collectOn();




Turn data collection off.

public static void collectOff();




Turn data collection on or off.

public static void setCollect(bool enable);




Determine if data collection is turned on or off.

public static bool getCollect();