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Performance Validator Help

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Building the example service utility

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The serviceMutex project demonstrates a way of controlling whether Performance Validator is used without having to rebuild your service.


Project files


The example project can be found in the serviceMutex sub-directory in the directory where Performance Validator was installed.


If the directory is not present, reinstall your software and choose custom or full installation.


There are two project files in the directory:


serviceMutex.dsp instructionStep for Microsoft® Developer Studio® 6.0  

serviceMutex.vcproj instructionStep for Microsoft® Visual Studio / .net




There are just two configurations in each project:


Debug / Release instructionStep dynamically links to the svlPVStubService(_x64).lib demonstrating use with the NT Service API  


Using the service utility


The utility provides a dialog box interface to allow the control over the creation of a mutex object with the name specified in the service.h header file.


Only if the service is started with the mutex created, does the service load Performance Validator.




If you don't like using mutexes in this way, you could change the code in the service and the utility to communicate through shared memory, a registry setting or another method of your choice.