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Additional Information

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The Additional Information displays some additional information about a PE that can be determined from a PE file, but which is not an obvious value in the PE file.




Console UI

Is this module a console application?



Is this module a Visual Basic 6 application?


Native Module

Is this a native executable?


Mixed-mode Module

Is this a mixed mode executable (contains native code and .Net code)?


Entry point

The entry point field describes the type of entry point for the DLL.

Valid values are:

No entry point

.Net entry point

Native entry point

Unknown entry point type


Module contains code

Does this module contain executable code?


Module contains Resources

Does this module contain resources?


Module is only Resources

Does this module only contain resources?


Uses Win32 Service API

This EXE/DLL uses functions in the Win32 Service API. This EXE/DLL may be part of a service.


Uses Visual Leak Detector

This EXE/DLL uses Visual Leak Detector.


Uses Address Sanitizer

This EXE/DLL uses Address Sanitizer.