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Page Fault Monitor

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Choosing a process to monitor

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The Process Chooser allows you to choose which process you will monitor for Page Faults.






System processes / Services / User processes instructionStep show either of system or services or user processes in the list, or both


Full path instructionStep shows the full path to the process executable in the list

Image Name instructionStep shows the short program name without path


Refresh instructionStep update the list with currently running processes


Attach instructionStep start monitoring page faults in the selected process



Administrator Mode


It is not possible to monitor some applications for page faults unless Page Fault Monitor is running in Administrator Mode.


Applications needing Administrator Mode to be monitored as denoted by a shield icon displayed in the Admin column of the grid.


If you try to monitor an application needing Administrator Mode you will be prompted to relaunch Page Fault Monitor in Administrator Mode.