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Building the sample client

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If you've already built the sample service, the process is very similar


Project files


The example project can be found in the examples\serviceClient subdirectory in the directory where Memory Validator was installed.


If the directory is not present, reinstall your software and choose custom or full installation.


There are two project files in the directory:


serviceClient.dsp instructionStep for Microsoft® Developer Studio® 6.0  

serviceClient.vcproj instructionStep for Microsoft® Visual Studio / .net




There are a small number of configurations in each project:


Debug / Release instructionStep dynamically links to the svlMVStubService(_x64).lib demonstrating use with the NT Service API  


Using serviceClient


The service is named MV Simple Service in the control panel services dialog, and provides the following command line options:


-string instructionStep Sends the following (optionally quoted) text to the service. If the service is running the service will return the string in reverse order

For example: serviceClient.exe -string "The quick brown fox" returns "xof nworb kciuq ehT"


-help instructionStep Display the help message