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Utility Functions

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API utility functions


The API utility functions provide access to a few tools such as



Dumping leaked objects to a callback or a data file

Force a garbage collection on the C runtime heap


Running an integrity check on the C runtime heap

Shutting down Memory Validator





Dumps any leaked memory objects to the specified callback, or to a data file, depending on the dumpMethod parameter.


extern "C" 
DUMP_RESULT mvUserDumpLeaks(DUMP_METHOD        dumpMethod, // how to do the dump DUMP_TO_FILE_HOST, DUMP_TO_FILE_REMOTE, or DUMP_TO_CALLBACK
                            const TCHAR*       fileName,   // NULL if no file,
                            USER_DUMP_CALLBACK callback,   // NULL if not to callback
                            DWORD              userData);  // userdata to pass to callback





Forces garbage collection to be performed on the C runtime heap.


This facility is useful to allow cleanup after a function has leaked and would like to start from a known state of 'not leaked'.


noteUse with caution. Memory Validator is not designed to be used as a garbage collector, and this function is not very efficient. It can take a long time to execute if there are lots of allocations.


extern "C" 
int mvGarbageCollect();





Perform an integrity check on the C runtime heap.


extern "C" 
int mvIntegrityCheck();  // Returns TRUE or FALSE depending on whether the check passed





Call from your target application to turn off Memory Validator functionality.


extern "C" 
int mvShutdownMemoryValidator();