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MAP File Browser Help

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Command Line Interface

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MapFileBrowser can be used from the command line as well as with the GUI.


The command line options allow you to view debug information that is in a MAP file, and optionally highlight a symbol at a specified offset.



 Specifies the module to load. This is typically a .exe or a .dll.


 /fileName path-to-executable


 Example: /fileName e:\om\c\test\release\test.exe



 Specifies an offset inside the executable. MapFileBrowser will highlight the symbol that occupies this location.


 Typically this offset will be calculated from a crash location.


 For example:


If a DLL is loaded at 0x00400000 and a crash happens at 0x00420192, the offset is calculated by subtracting the DLL load address from the crash address.


That is: 0x00420192 - 0x00400000, which gives 0x00020192.


The offset is 0x00020192.


 The offset must be specified in hexadecimal with a leading 0x.


 /offset value


 Example: /offset 0x00020192



Example Command Line


32 bit applications

MapFileBrowser.exe /fileName e:\test\release\ /offset 0x00020192


64 bit applications

MapFileBrowser_x64.exe /fileName e:\test\release\ /offset 0x00020192