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Event Log Crash Browser Help

The Behaviour settings allows you to change how events are displayed.










Colour is used to highlight different event types. By default this is enabled. If you don't want this you can turn it off.


Auto Clear


Typically we clear the display when a new event log scan is started, but if you're performing multiple searches with different event criteria you may wish to keep the results from previous scans by not enabled auto clearing of the display.


Automatic Scan


Scans are normally manually initiated, but if you always want to scan automatically you can do that. This is useful if you're using Event Log Crash Browser to quickly see what the most recent crash value is.


Filter Persistence


If you're interested in a particular crash that is repeating you may wish to set up a specific filter configuration to go with the automatic scan.





If you make a mess of the settings and wish to go back to the defaults, you can always Reset the settings.