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Path Substitutions

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The Path Substitutions tab allows you to specify file path substitutions to handle copying builds from build machines to development or test machines .


The default settings are shown below:






Path Substitutions


Some software development schemes have multiple rolling builds of their software, often enabled by using substituted disk drive naming schemes.


When you download the build to your development machine for development and testing, debugging information may reference disk drives that don't exist on your machine, for example, drive X: while your machine only has C:, D:, and E: drives.


Or you may just be copying a build from a drive on a development machine to a subdirectory on a drive on your test machine.


These options let you remap the substitution so that the DbgHelp Browser looks in the correct place for the source code.


Add instructionStep adds a row to the File Paths Substitutions table instructionStep enter the new path that will replace the old path in the New Path column instructionStep click in the Old Path column instructionStep enter the path that is being replaced


For example, you might enter c:\users\stephen\documents for the new path and f:\dev\build for the old path.


You can double click to edit drives and paths in the table, or remove items:


Remove instructionStep removes selected substitutions from the list


Remove All instructionStep removes all substitutions from the list


Alternatively, press b_del to delete selected items, and b_ctrl + b_a to select all items in the list first.



Example: Changed disk drive

Project originally located at


Project copied to


New Path


Old Path



Example: Project copied to a new location

Project originally located at


Project copied to


New Path


Old Path



menu The slashes do not have to match, a forward slash will match a backslash when comparing path fragments. This is deliberate - to improve ease of use with libraries built by different compilers (LLVM and compilers that use it use forward slashes, whereas Visual Studio etc use backslashes).



Path Substitution Method


Path substitution can be turned off, use only manually specified paths, perform automatic path substitution based on best guesses based on information in the executable, or a combination.


Use the combo box to choose the appropriate path substitution method. The default is automatic path substitution and if that fails to try path substitution using the manually specified paths.


No path substitution instructionStep path substitution does not happen

Only substitute specified paths instructionStep path substitution uses the manually specified paths

Automatic substitution only instructionStep path substitution is performed automatically using information in the executable

Automatic substitution, specified paths if substitution fails instructionStep an attempt at automatic path substitution is made, if this fails path substitution is performed using the manually specified paths


The default is Automatic substitution, specified paths if substitution fails.



Reset All - Resets all global settings, not just those on the current page.



Reset - Resets the settings on the current page.