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Coverage Validator Help


Why link Coverage Validator into your program?


There are cases when you might need to link Coverage Validator directly into your program.


Sometimes the normal methods of launching and injecting aren't enough to get the data needed for a particular debugging task.


For example:


maybe the data to be monitored has already been allocated before the stub was successfully injected

maybe there is conflict with DLLs or a timing problem stopping the injection process from work as well as normal


These situations are rare, but given the variety of different applications, can happen.



Linking to your program


The library that you need to link to is:


svlCoverageValidatorStubLib.lib for 32 bit

svlCoverageValidatorStubLib_x64.lib for 64 bit


When linked and started, your program will automatically start Coverage Validator.


noteThe libraries should be linked to your program's .exe, not to a DLL that is loaded into your program.