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How do I create a Power User on Windows XP?

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Windows XP provides Power User accounts but does not make it easy to create a user with Power User privileges. To create a user with Power User privileges do the following:

Create a Limited User account (we will call it "Test Limited User").

Open Control Panel and set to Classic View.

Open Administrative Tools.

Open Computer Management.

In the left hand pane expand Local Users and Groups.

In the left hand pane select Users.

In the right hand pane select the user account you created above ("Test Limited User").

Right click on "Test Limited User" and choose Properties from the context menu.

Select the Member Of tab.

Click Add. A dialog box will be displayed. In the bottom edit box type Power Users. Click OK.

Select the Users entry. Click Remove. Click OK.

Close the Computer Management window.


Your Test Limited User is now a member of the Power Users group. Now is a good time to rename the account to something more appropriate.