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Finding functions

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Finding functions


Bug Validator allows you to search for objects using a function name comparison against function names found in callstacks of allocated objects.


To display the find function dialog


menu Tools menu instructionStep Find function... instructionStep shows the Find function dialog


Or use the Find function icon on the Tools toolbar.








Search Criteria


To perform a search, a function name is required.



Type the name of the function to be searched for in the Function field.


Match case

If the search should be case sensitive, select the Match case check box.

If the search should be case insensitive, do not select the Match case check box.


Complete function name

If the search should only match complete function names, select the Complete function name check box.

If the search should match any function name that has the specified name as part of its name, do not select the Complete function name check box.


For the purposes of complete function name, note that for C++ methods, you must specify classname::methodname.



To find any objects with the specified criteria, click the Find button. The results are displayed in the Objects scrolled list.


The picture shown below shows the results of search for OnAppAbout in the sample application. The filename is shown in yellow, indicating that some parts of the file have been visited. The lines that are part of the function OnAppAbout are displayed as branches of the file entry. These lines are shown in pink, indicating that they have not been visited. One of the lines has been expanded to show the source code for the line (and its surrounding lines)..