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Example Application

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Bug Validator is shipped with an example application that exhibits many of the programming errors that Bug Validator detects. The sample program is called nativeExample.exe. Full source code and a Microsoft® Visual Studio® project are supplied. The example program can also be linked with the Bug Validator API to demonstrate some uses of the Bug Validator API.


Information about building the example application can be found here.


Use the program to generate thread errors, waits, potential deadlocks and deadlocks. Use Bug Validator to monitor the behaviour of nativeExample.exe as you use it.


The example program looks like this.







The File menu has one entry, Exit, which closes the application


Please examine the program source to see the nature of the program errors. Brief descriptions are given for each menu entry, but the real detail is in the source code. Some functions have detailed explanations of what is going wrong in the example function and what the likely consequences of this are.