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Bug Validator Unrecoverable Error

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The Bug Validator Unrecoverable Error dialog is displayed when an internal error has occurred that Bug Validator did not expect. Bug Validator cannot continue to execute. A stack trace and register dump is shown so that the data can be sent with a description of the activities that caused the error to The data shown in the dialog is also written to c:\users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Software Verify\Bug Validator\bvExceptionLogUI.txt .


The picture below show the exception report for a stack overflow error. The error shown below is artificial and was deliberately caused to allow this picture to be taken.


If you see this dialog, please copy the data and send it with a description of what you were doing with Bug Validator to so that we can fix the bug that caused this error.







bvExceptionLogUI.txt details a crash in the Bug Validator user interface.





bvExceptionLog.txt details a crash in the target program that Bug Validator was monitoring. The crash may be in the target program or in Bug Validator's monitoring code.