Source Code Editor

The source code editor allows you to view and edit source code in a syntax coloured editor. Each line is highlighted according to its code coverage visit status.

In the picture shown below, pink lines have not been visited, yellow lines have been and brown lines (not shown) have not been hooked. Lines that are not hooked have a red cross displayed next to them. Lines that have been hooked and visited, have a green tick displayed next to them. The current line of interest has an arrow displayed next to it.

The picture shows that the current line is the IMPLEMENT_DYNCREATE() line, and that the IMPLEMENT_DYNCREATE, CMainFrame() constructor and CMainFrame::AssertValid() functions and all lines in the functions have been visited. It can also be seen that the CMainFrame() destructor and the CMainFrame::Dump() methods have not been visited.

The colour coding allows at a glance viewing of the code coverage of each file.

Execution History