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The fastest way to monitor billions of memory allocations

Memory Validator - Summary

The Summary view provides a high level summary of all the key memory allocation statistics in the target application.

Dedicated summary panels provide information in graphical and numeric form for a particular statistic group.

A commentary panel also provides additional information that can't be provided as graphics and numbers.

Summary View

Each panel in the display can be used as a jumping off point to more detailed statistics. Just click where indicated to go to the more detailed statistics.


Summary Events Panel

The Events panel details how many events have been processed, are waiting to be processed and summary totals for memory and handles, errors, and informational messages.

Use this panel to see how much work Memory Validator has done and how much work it still has to do to complete processing the incoming data from the application being monitored.


Summary Native Memory Panel Summary .Net Memory Panel

The Memory panels provide high level statistics about the number of allocations for native and .Net memory and handles.

.Net Stats

Summary .Net Statistics Panel

The .Net statistics panel provides statistics about the number of .Net objects allocated, moved, collected, the number of garbage collections, heap dumps and snapshots.


Summary Native Memory Timeline Panel Summary .Net Memory Timeline Panel

The timelines panel provides a graphical overview of memory allocation behaviour. Click either timeline to be taken to a more detailed version of the timelines.


Summary Virtual Memory Panel

The Virtual panel provides high level virtual memory statistics.


Summary Coverage Files Panel Summary Coverage Locations Panel

The Coverage panels provide statistics about memory coverage, if that option has been enabled.

Types, Sizes, Locations, Generations, Ages

Summary Types Panel Summary Sizes Panel Summary Locations Panel Summary Generations Panel Summary Ages Panel

These panels provide high level statistics about Types, Sizes, Locations, Generations, Ages. The More... link takes you to the dedicated user interface for these statistics.

Object Churn

Summary Object Churn Panel

The Object Churn panel provides information about objects that churning rapidly.

There is a possible performance opportunity in reducing churn.

There is also a possible memory leak that can be identified by finding objects that have no churn.

Stale Objects

Summary Stale Objects Panel

The Stale Objects panel provides information about objects that haven't had a method called on them in a long time.

These objects may be objects that should have been collected.

Stale object detection needs to be enabled for this panel to display any information.


Summary Commentary Panel

The Commentary panel provides information about the program type, the data collection type, debug information and possible performance issues.

Any information that will be useful to you but which can't be provided in a summary panel will be communicated here.

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