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Memory Validator - .Net Snapshot

The Snapshots View displays the contents of any memory snapshots and snapshot comparisons that have been created.

Memory snapshots can be compared, showing the difference between one memory snapshot and another memory snapshot.

Data in any memory snapshot comparison can be inspected to show the unique callstacks for each object type in the memory snapshot comparison. An integrated source code view displays the source code for each location in a callstack.

The snapshot view is very useful for determining objects that were created between two snapshots and which have not been collected by the garbage collector. Objects which should not have survived the second garbage collection can be considered to be memory leaks.

Snapshot View

Objects allocated on callstacks that have previously allocated objects that have been collected are highlighted in green. This is a hint that the garbage collector has collected similar objects before.

Objects allocated on the same callstack as other objects can be grouped so that you can see one callstack with a large count next to it.

In the image above take a look at the expanded entry. It has a high object count and is not coloured green, indicating that none of the objects allocated on this callstack have ever been garbage collected.

Is this the location of a .Net memory leak?

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