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Thread Execution Trace

'How did I get here from there?' for software.

Bug Validator - Execution History

The execution history view displays the execution history for all files that are being monitored.

Each line in the display shows the thread ID, module name, address, source code filename and line number, and function name and offset from the function for each line of code executed. Selecting a line displays the corresponding source in the window at the right of the display.

Bug Validator: Execution History View

The colour coding allows at a glance viewing of thread context switches as the application executes. The background colour of each line is toggled between white and grey each time the thread ID changes.

Display detail

The controls at the top of the display provide for easy selection of which thread(s) to view.

Bug Validator: Flow trace example

Finer control of the detail of what is displayed is provided by the display settings dialog.

Bug Validator: Display Settings Dialog

Params, locals and registers

Function parameters, local variables and processor registers and flags can all be viewed via panel above the source code display.

Bug Validator: Parameters

Bug Validator: Locals

Bug Validator: Registers

When an exception is displayed, the Params field displays the exception data.

Bug Validator: Parameters, exception

A popup menu (right mouse button) allows each file to be edited in a syntax coloured editor that highlights each line according to the visit status of each line.

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