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Fix bugs faster and with less worry

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With an exceedingly large code base, you need to isolate and fix bugs as quickly as possible. You've tried other testing suites, but they don't provide the depth that you'd want and they take days to run.

Our software helps hundreds of software developers find, fix, and prevent bugs faster, in compiled languages. We provide similar tools to fix bugs in C, C++, Delphi, Fortran and .Net.

Our tools concentrate on the core activities of code coverage, memory leak detection, performance profiling, deadlock detection, and flow tracing. And we've tackled some of the biggest problems out there: our happy customers include giants like Adobe, Cisco, Intel, UBS, and HP.

"[Your software] outperforms any other equivalent software I tested … an extremely useful addition to my developer toolbox and I would recommend it to any other developer looking to fix memory leaks or improve the memory usage pattern of his software." - Fabien Hure, UBS

We save you time, money, and help you write better code. Download a free trial of our software and see how we can improve your workflow today.

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Flow Tracing software tool

Flow Tracing

Track the execution of your application as it runs.

Code Coverage

Code Coverage

View your code coverage in real-time.

Memory Profiling

Memory Profiling

Monitor billions of memory allocations with ease.

Performance Profiling

Performance Profiling

Find the slow parts of your software quickly and easily.

Deadlock Detection

Deadlock Detection

Analyse, identify and fix multi-threading problems.

Developer Tool Suites

C++ Developer Tool Suites

C++ Developer
Tool Suites

Suites of complementary C++ tools providing better value.

.Net Developer Tool Suites

.Net Developer
Tool Suites

Suites of complementary .Net tools providing better value.